Tuesday, 1 January 2013

General Chapter of the Congregation

1st -22nd February 2013 at Anugraha Renewal Centre, Kottayam, Kerala, India. It is an important convocation of delegates from the Congregation held normally every six years to deliberate and decide on important matters related to the life and mission of the Congregation

Annual Day celebrations

The Annual day celebrations are a much looked-forward-to event in every school as they provide an opportunity for the students to showcase their many talents. Parents and well wishers get a ‘close up’ of the diverse ways education is interpreted in the institutions. A theme culled from burning issues of the times gives a cohesion and relevance to the performances which are highly creative and very inspirational. It is a policy in our schools to ensure maximum participation of the children in these celebrations. The many co-curricular activities that span the academic year provide the much needed platform for every child to display and even discover her/his hidden strengths and gifts of mind and hand.